Windows of Hope

UCAN (United Community Action Network)


Asked us for help in promoting their annual Windows of Hope program, an art auction held at Seven Feathers the proceeds of which are used to help underprivileged people in both Josephine and Douglas Counties. Television and Radio had already committed to sponsoring the event and offered assistance with print marketing but creative content for the television commercial was still required.


After discussing concepts with their representative we suggested thinking about a campaign that could be used for the fundraiser but also continue to hold value long after the fundraiser was over. Further, by simultaneously creating both a broadcast commercial and viral videos we were able to keep costs down.  A commercial was built for television that included several heartfelt interviews by both caseworkers and consumers of UCAN services, in just one session of principal filming.  Creatively thinking outside the box allowed us to accomplish this project with a crew of only three professionals and one intern – shooting virtually everything in only two days time.  Needless to say, this approach kept costs from outside services and contractors very low.


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