JCEF – Fund Raising Campaign


What do you do when substantial donations for community scholarships are received?  Use them as leverage to build momentum in a campaign to acquire even more donations. Getting the news out makes all the difference in the level of participation and that’s where we come in.In 2011 and 2012, the JCEF acquired two large donations from local estates wanting to see their money go towards educational scholarships.


The board subsequently decided to use these donations as a springboard for a marketing campaign aimed at increasing the Foundation’s overall fund size. We were hired as an outside firm to spearhead a public relations campaign to bring awareness to the program and reach out to potential donors.  Several press releases written by Sight and Sounds Unlimited promoted the two initial donations.  This was soon followed by the production of three informational videos designed for web viewing, civic group presentations, and individual meetings with potentially large donors. In addition, we provided presentation materials that included brochures, branding, social media, and a PowerPoint Presentation for the civic club programs.


 By all accounts the JCEF campaign was a success.


After the campaign began JCEF obtained an additional $850,000 in scholarship donations which not only covered the cost of their marketing campaign, but increased their Foundations fund by 12%. Sights and Sounds Unlimited continues to provide press releases and material content updates as requested by the JCEF.
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